It is more efficient, less expensive and smarter to prevent than fix it

GoITnet delivers premium engineering and administrative services onsite and remotely. By developing State-of-the-art Technologies and proactively maintaining and managing your IT infrastructure, network issues can be prevented and uptime maximized. GoITnet takes ownership of the issue until it is effectively resolved.

Engineering and Administrative Services

All network topologies: WAN, LAN, WLAN, VLAN, long range wireless
Proactive management of critical updates for all network components
Intrusion prevention, spam filtering, disaster prevention and recovery
Surveillance technology for your properties and business
A virtual IT department focused on maximizing uptime
Security analysis, check points and implementation
Hard Drive forensics & recovering deleted data
Maximum availability of network resources
Backups “in-house”, “off-site” & cloud
Network design & implementation
Management of network security
Virus protection & more
Web design & hosting

We can implement a complete system to monitor, manage and protect all of the critical components of your network and your business database.

GoITnet provides complete IT work with the latest technology, and we are not done until you are satisfied.